Performance Evaluation of IT Projects - The Shenhar and Dvir Model

Renato de Oliveira Moraes, Fernando José Barbin Laurindo


This paper presents a scale for the ex-post evaluation of IT projects based on the definition of multidimensional performance of projects proposed by Shenhar and Dvir (2009). From the five dimensions proposed by these authors, a questionnaire was designed to assess the importance of various performance criteria in the ex-post evaluation of projects and IT in different organizations. The responses to the questions in the questionnaires were analyzed using factor analysis and Cronbach's alpha, which measures the scale’s internal reliability.

The scales presented in this article are consistent with the evaluation criteria of the model ex-post evaluation of IT projects presented by Moraes and Laurindo (2010), and they are articulated with assessment procedures described by these authors. Accordingly, this paper contributes to the construction of a set of references for an ex-post evaluation of IT projects.


performance of IT projects, performance scale, management of IT projects

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